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2009年7月31日 星期五




The rules for these awards are:
To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
thanks alot to wonderland!!!

2nd swapping (Whimsical Jar?)

What is Whimsical Jar?
Find a jar (glass or plastic, preferably recycle jar but please wash properly), fill up the jar with lots of goodies, fill up until it's all full and nicely pack inside the jar. Then decorate the jar.

What to put in the Whimsical Jar?
All pretty things!! Craft handmade by you, craft supplies, ribbons, buttons, beads, lace, yarn, ribbons, fabric pieces, sweets, rubber stamps, magnets, brooch, accessories, jewelries, cute stationeries, miniatures, charms, anything!! That's the fun of whimsical jar, imagine pouring out all the little trinkets and look at them one by one, and not forgeting, taking photos of them. :P
More ideas here.

Dos and Don'ts
Do put in lovely and pretty things that your partner would love.
Do clean your used jar properly, no smell or dirty jem sticking inside please. >_<
Don't put crap. Don't put things you don't like or you don't want.
Be nice, play nice. :D

Terms and Condition

1. Jar must be larger than 400g/400ml. Must be transparent. Will look nice when you stuff everything inside.
2. You must be a crafter and also a blogger.
3. Max ppl is 10. This will be a one to one swap. Post your email here.
4. Shipping via Post Laju or Registered Post. Make you have tracking number, very important.
5. When you receive the jar from your partner, remember to take picture and blog about the Whimsical Jar. Oo...and also don't show your jar before your partner receive, let it be a surprise. :D

Number of people in swap:max 10
Location:Within Malaysia Only
Last day to signup/drop:
Pos Laju/ Register Pos
July 31, 2009
Date items must be sent:before Auguest 31, 2009

1. Kelly sends to Shera
2. Shera sends to Aquarius(Florence)
3. Marlene sends to Sing Yee
4. Ciyou sends to Pussycat
5. Agnes sends to Marlene
6. Joan sends to Ciyou
7. Mer sends to Kelly
8. Pussycat sends to Joan
9. Aquarius sends to Agnes
10. Sing Yee sends to Mer

2009年7月30日 星期四

handcraft swap

终于把handcraft swap 的到的手作礼物post上来了

2009年7月19日 星期日



2009年7月15日 星期三


Buy some new napkin at sg daiso....
the price are so cheap,
quality not very good, after i try to cut and do the deco
is still ok and easy to do.
napkin price is only 2 sg dollar per pack,
and the pot i buy at the rm2 shop.
pot size= 35 x 25cm
and nice..

2009年7月8日 星期三

2009年7月7日 星期二



2009年7月6日 星期一



2009年7月5日 星期日


quite love this type of earing...
but.... i din wear earing normally~

2009年7月4日 星期六


材料是sw crystal和jepun bead~

2009年7月2日 星期四


Sometime do a simple....
just follow my feeling.